Where can one see the products in person?

You can see all our products in person at our store, located at 12 Cyprus in Moschato, by making an appointment via e-mail at info@lacornice-sa.gr

What if someone has questions about the protection of works of art?

During our appointment we will be happy to offer you advice and personalized suggestions, according to your needs, for the best possible protection of your works of art.

How long does this process take?

The time to properly conduct the framing and protection of each project depends on many factors. Except in very rare cases the most common time frame needed is a week to ten days.

Are there only frames and protective glazing?

In addition to a huge selection of frames and safety glass, at “La Cornice” you will find a variety of other products such as special glazing, mats, matboards, mirrors, etc.

Are the services and protection products offered only for paintings?

No, in addition to paintings, at “La Cornice” we frame and protect posters, watercolour or silk-screen prints, mirrors, but also personal objects of sentimental value, such as diplomas or musical instruments. Finally, we also provide solutions for rare collectibles that are important to be protected to the maximum extent.